La Casa

 La Casa                               


LA CASA: Transitional Housing for Migrant farmworkers and their families.


Migration has become a necessity for people around the globe due to the nature of present economic and political realities. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homelands in search of survival for themselves and their families. Many of these immigrants have traveled to upstate New York to find work in agriculture, dairy farming and the food industry.

As Catholics we are called by Scripture, tradition, directives from our bishops and our Catholic Social Teaching to welcome people from outside our borders as our brothers and sisters. These moral teachings not only invite but compel us to respond to their physical and spiritual needs.


La Casa is a place where migrant men, women and children from within our 12 county Diocese are welcomed and find transitional housing in cases where the uncertainties of migrant farm work result in homelessness. La Casa also provides referrals to other agencies which assist the migrant community and advocates for improved working conditions and for comprehensive immigration reform.


Checks Payable To:

Catholic Charities of Wayne County (La Casa in the memo)

1141 E. Union St., Newark, NY 14513


To Volunteer call or e-mail:


Peter Mares,, 315-483-9034