Life Issues




The Consistent Life Ethic (CLE) is the underlying principle of our faith that urges us to affirm life from the moment of conception to natural death, in attitude as well as action. Most urgently, the Consistent Life Ethic calls us to protect life that is threatened by forces we oppose: abortion, the death penalty, economic injustice, euthanasia, violence and war.
The Consistent Life Ethic calls us to build a culture that affirms and defends life from conception to death through education, personal service and public advocacy. Roman Catholics are called to treat all people with dignity and respect because, as a gift from God, all life is sacred. We are called to defend all people, especially powerless and marginalized.  Through many initiatives, the Church of Rochester is growing as a community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who hear Jesus’ call to love and act on it.
The Gospels express that call in the three love commands:


Love God and your neighbor as yourself


Love one another as I have loved you


Love your enemies.


Through strong parish leadership, we will nurture life in our own families and champion those threatened by personal, public and institutional neglect and by violence, prejudice or injustice. We will express our commitment to life in teaching and preaching and in individual and communal action. We will work to transform current social structures and behaviors into a more creative and imaginative Christ-centered society which affirms nonviolence, justice and the sacredness of all life.
As we pursue this goal with Christian Life Ethic Initiatives and advocacy on life issues, the Office of Life Issues will continue to be a resource and catalyst for protecting the sanctity of all human life. 



Catholic Social Teaching


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