Diocesan Public Policy Committee


As Catholics, we are called to love our neighbor. Our response to those in need can take the form of direct assistance: food, clothing, housing, or provision of appropriate counseling and treatment services. But we are also called to address underlying issues which prevent people from achieving their full potential.


In the Diocese of Rochester, our efforts at advocacy are coordinated by the Diocesan Public Policy Committee (DPPC). The DPPC advises the Bishop on public policy matters, meets with legislators, and works to encourage parish participation in social justice advocacy. We address issues at the local, state, national and international levels.


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*Public Policy Weekend*

February 4th & 5th, 2017





2017 Public Policy Agenda



Diocesan-Wide Parish-Based Advocacy:




Education Priorities:


  • Local Responses to Children and Families in Poverty

Poverty and Abortion: A Vicious Cycle

Bishop Matano Letter

Child Poverty Packet




Ongoing Education Issues: