Care for God's Creation and the Poor

 Energy Issues/Global Climate Change




The thousands of eminent scientists of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) state that it is 95% certain that global climate change is already occurring as a result of human activity/choices.  The IPCC report outlines the rapidly escalating dangers we will face as the global climate continues to change.  Future generations will bear the impact of this change, especially the poor who have fewest resources to protect themselves.


Building on the teaching and call of Pope Francis to more fully care for and protect God’s creation and the poor, the Public Policy Committee of the Diocese of Rochester invites your parish/school community to join with the Pope and our U.S. Catholic Bishops to raise awareness among our Catholic people regarding the reality of climate change and the need for us to respond now.

We recall our U.S. Catholic Bishops’ wise teaching about the virtue of prudence in their prophetic words from 2001:


"In facing climate change, what we already know requires a response; it cannot be easily dismissed.......even in a situation with less than full certainty, where the consequences of not acting are serious - justifies, indeed can obligate, our taking action intended to avert potential dangers. (Global Climate Change: A Plea for Prudence, Dialogue, and the Common Good ~ U.S. Catholic Bishops 2001).  



Let us respond to the call of Pope Francis and our U.S. Bishops, who ask us to join them in prudent action to more fully protect the gifts of God's creation and the poor.



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