Earth Day Resources


Celebrate Earth Day with your parish, school, and religious community!

We are so pleased to share with you our new, free educational program for parishes, schools, and religious communities to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) and embrace our call as Catholics to care for creation, climate change, and our neighbors.


Click Here for the Earth Day Program



Focusing on the theme of “Know the Creator Through Creation”, the program helps us see and share God’s love of creation. Opening our spirits to the interconnectedness of the wonders of our world will draw us ever closer to our Creator and inspire us to care ever more deeply for the Earth, our common home.

The Earth Day program is wonderful for inter-generational parish programs, schools, and any group interested in deepening our connection with creation and the gifts which God has given us.


Celebrate Earth Day and increase climate literacy in your parish, school, or religious community! The program includes prayers, scripture readings, a short video, discussion questions, and suggested activities to help the group learn about Catholic Social Teaching as related to climate change and care for our common home.


Three different programs: This year we offer three different age-specific programs:
1. A one-hour program for adults and high-school students
2. A 45-minute program for grades one through eight
3. A 30-minute program for pre-k/kindergarten. 


We hope this program will:


  • Guide the group to learn about climate change issues.
  • Help us understand what is happening to creation because of our actions.
  • Help us better know the Creator through the splendor of God’s creation.
  • Help us understand that  in protecting and caring for creation, we proclaim God’s glory.
  • Empower Catholics to care for creation through actions, advocacy and/or establishing a Creation Care Team.

We hope you take a look at the Earth Day program and help lead your community in a celebration on April  22nd, or on any other convenient day.

Have questions? We are here to answer them and help you with your Earth Day celebration!


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