Immigration Reform

 Comprehensive Immigration Reform




Our government's failure to enact reform of our broken immigration system has resulted in continued suffering and separation of families, especially among migrant farm workers.


Based on Scriptural and Catholic social teachings, as well as her own experience as an immigrant Church in the United States, the Catholic Church is compelled to raise her voice on behalf of those who are marginalized and those whose God-given rights are not respected. 


The attached materials are provided for parishes who would like to respond to this injustice.  Many of the themes in this summer's Sunday readings - hospitality, emigration, love of neighbor, slavery, hateful speech - lend themselves well to homilies about immigration justice.


Pentecost and Immigration Tool Kit


Pentecost and Immigration Tool Kit (Spanish Version)


Resources for Parish Engagement


Justice for Immigrants Summer Campaign


Tackling the Toughest Questions on Immigration Reform



Justice for Immigrants Resources:




Other Resources:




Take Action and send an electronic postcard to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives asking that they pass immigration reform.  CLICK HERE