Diocesan Wedding Guidelines

The Sacrament of Marriage  

We are delighted that you have chosen to celebrate your marriage in the Catholic Church.


In the Roman Catholic tradition, Marriage is a Sacrament. The bride and the groom contract their marriage in the presence of God.


For a marriage to be sacramental, two baptized persons, at least one being Catholic...


  • Freely enter into a vowed commitment of respect, reverence and love.
  • Make this promise for a lifetime.
  • Promise fidelity.
  • And include an openness to bearing children, providing for their good and bringing them up in the faith.


The exchange of promises between the bride and groom is a commitment to one another for life, even as God is faithful. Thus the couple’s love and pledge of fidelity becomes a sign of God’s love for God’s people. This powerful promise speaks to all assembled.


The priest (deacon), the families of the couple, the attendants and the assembled gathering of friends witness what the bride and groom promise.


The Church will be reserved for you and the date for your wedding will be set only after you have had your initial interview at the parish.