Wedding Guidelines for Photographers

 Wedding Guidelines for Photographers


Couples being married at _____________________ should ask their photographer to respect the sacredness of this Church and the holiness of the commitment they are celebrating.


Photos may be taken in the center aisle before Mass begins and from the choir loft, front side aisles or back, during Mass. A video camera may be set up in the choir loft or front side aisles and may run throughout the ceremony, provided it is not moved and the photographer does not move about in a distracting way.


Be sure that the placement of your equipment does not obstruct the flow of traffic in the side aisle at Communion time. No flash photos may be taken during the homily or during the Eucharistic Prayer, the consecration or communion.

To keep the focus on the Mass, the Wedding Ceremony and the Bride and Groom, no photos may be taken from anywhere in the sanctuary during the ceremony. (The sanctuary is the area beyond the bottom step and includes the side altar areas.)

Upon arrival at the Church, the photographer is asked to see _________________ or the presiding priest or deacon, give them his or her business card or name in writing, and acknowledge that they are familiar with these guidelines.

All photography must conclude 15 minutes before the parish’s scheduled time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.