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Please ask your pastoral leader about using this pre-cana option before you begin.


These videos are viewable on tablets and mobile devices.




Please read these instructions carefully.


There are 12 twenty minute sessions designed to give you a

foundation for future conversations at the parish level.


When viewing the sessions please do not press stop and rewind. Press pause and then rewind.

Also, do not refresh your browser or press the back button. 


Your discussions with each other on the topics covered are an integral part of the process as well.


At the end of each session please press pause on the question slide and be prepared to write your

answers. Bring the answers with you to the next meeting you have with your parish/campus contact.


The completion of this PreCana process occurs in the parish/campus when you review your written

answers with the priest or deacon who will be marrying you. They should have a copy of a blank

certificate that they can fill out. Please have your priest or deacon contact

Mary Dundas, if they have questions about the process

or if they need a blank certificate. 


You will need your Parish contact's e-mail to complete the sign up form. 

Sessions are $75 per couple 


Accept Credit Cards Online


We only accept these credit cards.  

Parish Code
Bride First Name
Bride Last Name
Groom First Name
Groom Last Name
Parish/Campus Contact Name
Parish/Campus Contact Email
Please enter your Email:

Note: Your email address will be used to send you your video link, and other important information

in regards to your transaction. Your Parish/Campus Contact will be notified by email that you have registered.

These sessions will remain accessible to both of you for two weeks from the date your order is processed.


Each of you can watch each session once.  


There is only one username and password per couple. The bride and groom use the same username and

password to login to view the sessions.

Access the sessions.



Trouble Shooting Tips:



MAC users:


If you are unable to view the PreCana videos on your MAC, try downloading

Flip4MAC at the link below: flip4macwindowsmediacomponentsforquicktime.html


If that does not work, try using Fire Fox instead of Safari as your browser (see link below).


The videos play well on Windows Media Player. If you don't have Windows

Media player click here for a free download.


For problems or concerns with the website, please e-mail Joanne Church at or call 585-328-3228 ext. 1240.



Any questions on Pre-Cana, contact Mary Dundas, Coordinator of 

Evangelization and Sacramental Catechesis ( 585-328-3228 ext. 1243).



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