RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)



"The rite of  Christian initiation is designed for adults who, after hearing the mystery of Christ proclaimed, consciously and freely seek the living God and enter the way of faith and conversion as the Holy Spirit opens their hearts.  By God's help they will be strengthened spiritually during their preparation and at the proper time will receive the sacraments fruitfully." (RCIA, #1)




Online Resources:








Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University


  • praying toward Sunday
  • spirituality for Sunday
  • get to know the readings
  •  music/intercessions


RCIA Children's Resources(Acrobat pdf file...13kb) 


For more information please contact Don Smith at 585-328-3228 x1240 or 800-388-7177 x 1243 or e-mail donald.smith@dor.org