Parish Openings

Please send all resumes and cover letters to Human Resources, Diocese of Rochester, 1150 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624 [Phone: (585) 328-3210 | fax: (585) 328-3149,] Unless otherwise specified

New jobs & positions will be denoted in red with an asterisk *


Updated:  April 16, 2018



*PASTORAL MINISTER I - Peace of Christ Parish, Rochester. NY - St. Ambrose Site to start mid-June 2018 - PART-TIME (5-10 hours/week)


POSITION PURPOSE:  To effect a desirable pastoral response to the diverse needs and priorities of the Sunday morning faith community by identifying and supporting the gifts within that faith community to help meet those needs and priorities.  Such response will include the development and support of several parish programs.




  1. Collaborates with the pastor, pastoral associates, and other staff in implementing the mission of the parish.   
  2. Assists in providing liturgical leadership for the parish.
  3. Assists in planning sacramental celebrations.  This is accomplished by collaborating with the Liturgy and/or Music Coordinators and/or the Director of Catechetical Programs in preparing various sacramental celebrations.
  4. Contributes to the initial formation and ongoing faith development of parish ministers and groups.  This is accomplished by recruiting, motivating, supporting, evaluating and providing in-service training, and faith formation for lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, sacristans, altar servers.
  5. Provides on-going personal presence at the church during the hours of Sunday morning and some holy day Masses.
  6. Responsible for events taking place at site; assure safe collection/storage of funds.




  1. Demonstrated successful pastoral ministry experience in parish/faith community.
  2. Active member of a Roman Catholic parish faith community.
  3. Demonstrated successful ability to manage staff, volunteers, Sunday/Holy Day Mass routines.
  4. Able to provide own transportation for job-related responsibilities.
  5. Able to honor and maintain confidentiality.
  6. Is informed of and adheres to Diocesan policies, local, state and federal laws pertaining to abuse of minors.


Interested candidates, please submit resume to Renate Parks,  (04/13/2018)



*CATECHETICAL LEADER - YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT MINISTER – Full time position at Our Lady of Peace Parish, Geneva, NY


POSITION DESCRIPTION:     This position encompasses oversight of faith formation program, specifically Middle School, Confirmation Preparation, High School and Young Adults.  The Youth and Young Adult Minister provides pastoral, spiritual and catechetical ministry for young people supporting their growth in faith and personal development.




  • Pastoral ministry and catechesis for parish members from Middle School into Young Adult years.  Working in close collaboration with the Religious Education Coordinator so that both ministries will complement, support and enhance one another in designing and offering programs that work seamlessly together;
  • Develop, maintain and oversee weekly Jr. High Religious Education program, 2 yr. Confirmation preparation program, adult confirmation and sacramental preparation (as needed);
  • Develop, recruit, and support leadership teams for each age group promoting youth leadership roles and working to form and support on-going programs;
  • Assure the development of youth activities that foster spiritual formation including social life,  liturgies, retreats and community service opportunities;
  • Recruit and train catechists and volunteers;
  • Maintain consistent contact with parents in all programs and develop schedules for programs;
  • Write weekly bulletin article with information concerning upcoming programs and meetings;
  • Work with RE Coordinator to maintain Creating a Safe Environment requirements for all volunteers;
  • Work with Finance Director and RE Coordinator to establish a budget, maintain the budget and order necessary textbooks and supplies;
  • Attend staff meetings and join in the collaborative work of the entire staff to work as a team in service to the parish and in support of one another;
  • Participate in Diocesan meetings and training opportunities to keep current with changing trends in catechetical formation and ministry;



  • BA in Religious Studies, Theology or a related field is preferred.  A Master’s Degree is desirable.
  • Active, practicing Roman Catholic, whose faith life is demonstrated and desirous of continued spiritual growth with a habit of use and study of Scripture, and desire to share that with our youth and young adults as both role model and mentor.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Roman Catholic Theology, Sacred Scripture, Moral Theology and Sacramental Theology. It is desired that the candidate have a working knowledge of both the needs and issues relating to the youth and young adults this position serves.
  • Ability to take charge in matters of discipline and order
  • Creative and prayerful
  • A fluent use of all necessary technology including MS Office and other computer software

Please send all resumes and application letters to Rebecca Hollon at



*Liturgy CoordinatorSt Charles Borromeo Church, NY is seeking a part-time Liturgy Coordinator. The purpose of this position is to facilitate the worship life of the parish community by coordinating quality liturgical experiences which celebrate and strengthen the parishioners’ journey of faith. The Liturgy Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and implementing quality parish liturgical celebrations under the direction of the pastor.  The position requires diocesan certification through St. Bernard’s or equivalent education and experience leading to certification.


List of Duties:


  1. Collaborates with the Pastor and other staff in implementing the mission of the parish.  This is accomplished by participating in the comprehensive planning, implementation, and evaluation of the parish’s programs, goals, and objectives, with specific focus on liturgy.  Serves as a professional resource to the staff in the area of liturgy in accordance with the liturgical documents and norms.  Also collaborates in regional and/or diocesan planning and program efforts.
  2. Coordinates the parish worship programs.  This is accomplished by developing and organizing plans which respond to the parish worship and prayer needs and overseeing quality liturgical celebration and sacramental services. This is includes preparing the weekly Prayers of the Faithful and Call to Worship documents.
  3. Serves as facilitator of the Liturgy Committee and the Church Environment Committee.
  4. Oversees the work of the liturgy teams and committees, as well as the work of the various liturgical ministers, including presiders, lectors, communion ministers, servers, musicians, sacristans, artists, ushers/greeters, etc.  This is accomplished by assisting in the recruitment, screening, training, enriching and support of these ministers.
  5. Assures that adequate materials for worship are available.  This is accomplished by overseeing the purchase and supply of sacred vessels, liturgical books, vestments, and other liturgical supplies. 
  6. Serves as a local parish resource to the Christian Formation Director and staff (includes Youth minister, sacramental preparation, RCIA, etc.) in aiding in worship needs and responsibilities.
  7. Works with the Business Manager to assure that the worship budget is prepared and submitted on a timely basis, as well as monitoring monthly expenses.  Works with Business Manager when expenditures are needed for the budget.
  8. Maintains a current level of knowledge and skills required to function as a Parish Liturgy Coordinator.  This is accomplished by updating, through reading and attendances at workshops and conventions.  Also participates in local regional and national professional liturgical organizations, as approved and as appropriate.

Necessary qualifications:?


  1. Active member of a Roman Catholic parish faith community.
  2. Certification through St. Bernard’s or equivalent education and experience leading to certification.
  3. Parish experience desired.


Applicants please submit a resume to Maureen Beattie at (3/28/2018)



*Keyboard Accompanist Position – All Saints Parish, Corning, NY



Sunday Morning Masses:


  • Perform with Music Ensembles at the 9:00 AM Mass (St. Vincent Church) and 11:30 AM Mass (St. Mary Church).
  • Rehearse Tuesday evening with Music Ensembles.
  • Practice music for each week and take notes from music director in rehearsal.  Must be able to improvise a basic accompaniment from a lead sheet. 
  • Perform with music ensembles for special Holy Days including Christmas and Easter Masses. 




  • Experienced organist (for funerals and weddings) and/or pianist (for weekend Masses)
  • Excellent sight-reader
  • Knowledge of sacred music
  • Sensitive Accompanist
  • Positive attitude and flexibility
  • Responsible and trustworthy

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $100 per Mass

Position start date: April 8, 2018


Contact: Gabe Condon (Music Director) 585-507-3616 (3/26/2018)


Pastoral Leader - St. Benedict Parish in Ontario County:  


St. Benedict Parish, comprised of St. Mary and St. Bridget Churches in Ontario County, is seeking a Pastoral Associate for a leadership position.  The position will be to assist the Pastor/Administrator in the direction of all parish ministries most notably in liturgy, visitation ministry, and faith formation.  The position will supervise a staff of at least 5 individuals and facilitate the coordination of volunteer leaders.  Belief in stewardship and the empowering of the lay volunteers is a must have competency.  Developing partnerships and an excellent team directed spirit are also vital.  A strong sense of unity and a strong prayerful participation in the life of the parish is also very important (if not the most essential).  Theological training and managerial experience preferred (some theological study is required even if in process).  An ability to manage a young, energetic and talented staff is essential.  Salary competitive.  If you are an experienced pastoral associate with leadership experience or interested in taking on a new leadership role this may be an excellent opportunity.


Send applications to Tony DiPrima at (3/19/2018)



Coordinator of Faith Formation and Preschool - Saint Patrick Church - Victor, New York


Job Description:  The Coordinator of Faith Formation and Preschool (CFFP) is responsible for planning, overseeing and administering the faith formation program in the parish. This includes managing the Faith Formation Office; supervising Faith Formation and Preschool secretarial staff; recruitment and training of volunteers; planning programs for children and families; and evaluating program curricula. The coordinator directs all aspects of St. Patrick’s Preschool. The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies, or related field and parish experience, or Diocesan Certification for the position.  This is a full-time, 35-hour, position.


Job Duties for the Parish Faith Formation:


1.         Collaborates with the pastor and other staff in implementing the catechetical and evangelical mission of the parish for children and their families. This is accomplished by participating in the planning, implementing, and evaluation of the parish’s programs, goals, and objectives, with focus on assigned aspects of faith formation, that is, religious education and sacramental preparation. Serves as a professional resource to the staff in the area of faith formation. Also collaborates in regional or diocesan planning and program efforts.

2.         Participates as a member of the pastoral staff. This is accomplished by collaborating in cooperative ventures with other parish programs, organizations, and individuals; by participating in staff meetings, and by assisting in the planning and participation of parish liturgies, sacramental preparation – First Penance, First Eucharist, - and other opportunities for prayer and faith sharing.

3.         Develops and directs models for faith formation including family education, intergenerational education, catechetical processes for school aged children and parent geared processes. Includes program development, resource evaluation and catechist formation. Evaluates models annually with the Parish Faith Formation Advisory Board.

4.         Develops and forms parish volunteer catechists, aides, and catechetical support staff through recruitment, training, spiritual opportunities, support and evaluation. Supports diocesan or regional training for catechists, or schedules parish based training by qualified catechetical leaders.

5.          Serves as staff liaison to the Parish Faith Formation Advisory Board. Works to prepare the agenda, provides information and data to the board as requested, and implements recommendations, when approved by the Pastor.

6.         Manages the budget for the catechetical and evangelization processes. Assures the budget is prepared and submitted in a timely manner. When budget is approved, assures the monthly monitoring of expenses and revenues; authorizes all expenditures for that budget.

7.         Supervises the ongoing maintenance of the parish library. This is accomplished by making decisions regarding purchases for the library, and by soliciting volunteer help to assist in cataloguing and daily maintenance of parish library.

8.         Maintains a current level of knowledge and skills required to function in the field of Faith Formation. This is accomplished by reading; by attending regional, diocesan and national professional Faith Formation organizations, and by attending diocesan training programs as approved and as appropriate.

9.         Be a qualified trainer for CASE training and ensure that all volunteers have a Criminal Record Check, signed the Code of Conduct and have gone through the CASE training.


Job Duties for the Parish Preschool:


1.       Supervises preschool secretary, and teachers through the administrative observation and reviews, and the monthly staff meetings.

2.         Coordinates the overseeing of St. Patrick’s Preschool curriculum through the lead teachers.

3.        Manages the budget for the preschool. Assures the budget is prepared and submitted in a timely manner. When budget is approved, assures the monthly monitoring of expenses and revenues; authorizes all expenditures for that budget.

4.        Coordinates quarterly gatherings of the Preschool Board.

5.        Oversees promotion and public relations of the Preschool.

6.      Fosters parent/preschool relations and helps to build parish/preschool relationship. Supports preschool parents and families.


Necessary qualifications:


1.         Active member of a Roman Catholic parish faith community.

2.         College degree in Religious Studies, Theology, or equivalent Diocesan Certification for the position.

3.         Knowledge of Theology and Religious Education trends and methods.

4.         Knowledge of related fields of psychology, education, sociology and communication.

5.         Some formal education or experience in administration and organization.


Please submit application letter, resume and references to: Father Edison Tayag, Saint Patrick’s Church, 115 Maple Avenue, Victor, NY 14564 or e-mail:  (02/06/2018)




Catechetical Leader – St. Michael Church in Newark, NY is seeking candidates for this full-time position that includes all aspects of its faith formation and sacramental preparation for children, youth, and families.  The coordinator reports directly to and collaborates with the Pastor.  Duties of this position include, but not limited to, leading both the middle school and high school youth groups as well as faith formation for K-5, and sacramental preparation sessions.  The position recruits and supervises volunteer catechists and leaders for Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  Candidates should be a practicing Roman Catholic with good administrative, organizational skills, communication and relational skills with an understanding of Roman Catholic theology, including Scripture, morality, and the sacraments.  The person should demonstrate an on-going personal commitment to spiritual growth and formation and hold a certification or bachelor’s degree related to religious education and 3 years experience in parish ministry. (those pursing certification or a degree may be considered for this position).


Interested candidates please send resumes to Fr. Jeff Tunnicliff at (1/17/2018)



*Organist - Immaculate Conception Church in Ithaca, NY is looking for an Organist beginning August 31st, 2018.  The candidate(s) must be a proficient Organist including piano skills.  They will need to also be able to accompany a Contemporary and Traditional choir, with the possibility of leading the Contemporary Group. There will be two rehearsals each week and the need to play and accompany on Saturdays at 4:30pm and Sundays at 8:30am and 10:30am.  Inquiries should be sent to Gary Vrabel – Music Director at or mailed to:  Gary Vrabel, Music Director, Immaculate Conception Church, 113 N. Geneva Street, Ithaca, NY   14850 or 607-273-6121.  (04/04/2018)



DIRECTOR OF MUSIC – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish




1. Serve as member of the Liturgy Committee and attend monthly meetings currently held on the first Thursday of each month.


2.  Provide keyboard accompaniment and leadership for congregational singing at every weekend Mass, holydays, and proper liturgies of Holy Week.


   a.  Identify, train and schedule cantor for Masses at which the director is not     present.  Canto may be a musician or accompanied by a musician.

            b.  Be present for two (2) liturgies each weekend, at least one of which is a choir    Mass.

            c.  Be present at choir rehearsals, currently held every Wednesday evening.

            d.  Serve as Choir Director.

            e.  Oversees and trains the Children’s Choir leader as needed.


3.  Provide for the rehearsing with the congregation of new hymns and responses before Mass, and/or through repetition at Mass.


4.  Provide for music and song at:

            a.  Reconciliation Services, Baptisms during Mass, and no more than three (3)   other para-liturgical services.


5.  With musicians, assist in:

   a.  Selecting and preparing music for choirs and congregation, and special catechetical celebrations, and RCIA ceremonies.

            b.  Preparing the music budget with Liturgy Committee chairperson.


6.  Provide music and song at weddings and funerals.

  a.  The music stipend for weddings is $ 150.00 and for funerals is $ 100.00, payable through the payroll system.

  b.  Fees for additional musicians and/or singers will be negotiated with the Director of Music Ministry.


7.  Additional services other than detailed above to be negotiated with and paid by the individuals or organizations requesting the service.


8. Participates in staff meetings.


Requirements:  Bachelors in Music, or equivalent in education and experience, strong keyboard knowledge, choral conducting and vocal skills. 

Preferred: Knowledge of Roman Catholic Liturgy.

Salary is commensurate with training and experience.


Interested candidates can send resumes to  (01/29/2018)




Faith Formation SecretaryChurch of the Assumption, Fairport NY

20-25 hours a week, primarily Mondays – Wednesdays 9am – 5:15pm with occasional evenings and weekends. Position beginning June 25, 2018. Reports to the Director of Faith Formation.

Main Functions: clerical support, volunteer scheduling, data entry, processing registrations, maintaining files, reception of visitors and volunteers.

Skills: Cheerful and welcoming demeanor, exceptional English verbal and written communication, and PC computer proficiency required.

Experience: Minimum 2 years secretarial experience. Faith Formation or Parish Office experience preferred.

Submit resume to:
Bethany Lyle, Director of Faith Formation
Church of the Assumption
20 East Avenue, Fairport, NY 14450
or e-mail to
Please no phone calls.





Sts. Mary and Matthew Faith Community are seeking a Parish Secretary 


Accountable to:  Business Manager

Purpose & Vision:


  • The secretary is responsible for the full range of job responsibilities inclusive of both St. Mary’s Church (Honeoye) and St. Matthew Church (Livonia).
  • The primary purpose of the Parish Secretary is to facilitate communications and act as a minister of hospitality to the parish and all visitors, vendors, etc.
  • He/she provides skilled secretarial services for the parish staff and committees, maintains accurate parish records, maintains and distributes schedules as necessary, and maintains the parish calendar including use and/or rental of parish facilities. He/she answers phone calls, relative emails in a pastoral and professional manner. He/she welcomes all visitors to the parish in the same manner.
  • The Parish Secretary ensures that all aspects of his/her responsibilities are carried out in a manner that effectively serves the needs of the Sts. Mary and Matthew Faith Community. He/she will carry out his/her responsibilities in a manner that reflects Catholic teaching.

The Parish Secretary/Receptionist is responsible to:


  • Understand the vision and mission of Sts. Mary and St. Matthew Faith Community under the guidance and direction of the Pastor/Pastoral Administrator.
  • Ensure that fulfillment of his/her job responsibilities efficiently and effectively meet the goals developed to fulfill the vision and mission of Sts. Mary and Matthew Faith Community.
  • Prepare and oversee distribution of the Sunday bulletin, weekly intersession, and liturgical ministers’ schedule.
  • Prepare and distribute correspondence for the pastor, parish staff and parish committees.
  • Complete accurate registration records and process of new parishioner’s envelopes.
  • Maintain accurate parish census records. Maintain accurate mailing lists and advise appropriate parties of changes as necessary.
  • Schedule the use of parish facilities including hall rentals.
  • Collaborating with parish staff and parish policy schedule baptisms, first Eucharist, first penance, confirmation, funerals, funeral receptions and weddings. Manage any correspondence.  
  • Develop and manage volunteer schedule. Working with staff secure necessary volunteers.
  • Answer telephone, screen calls and take messages.
  • Welcome and assist visitors to the parish office.
  • Oversee maintenance of office machines and equipment.
  • Maintain inventory of office supplies.
  • Maintain and tidy the narthex and outside entryway daily. Tidy pews weekly (Monday & Friday). Manage votive candles, Holy family candle, tabernacle candle, altar candles
  • Process mail items and maintain postage supplies.

Vision and Mission:


  • Fulfill responsibilities according to the parish vision and mission.
  • Understand legal, ethical and moral standards and apply them to fulfillment of job duties.
  • Maintain confidentiality in all areas of responsibility.
  • Continue his/her professional, educational and spiritual development

Other Duties:


  • Attend staff meetings, parish and Diocesan meetings as directed by Business Manager
  • Completion of any other duties, tasks or responsibilities as directed by Business Manager
  • Work between two locations when necessary



  • Practicing Roman Catholic and active in parish
  • An Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Studies or related field or minimum high school degree with 5 years of proven success in secretarial field
  • Microsoft Office applications, standard business practices and willingness to learn new software (Parish soft)
  • Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills: written and oral
  • Ability to prioritize work assignments and meet deadlines
  • Flexibility to adjust to changes in schedule, routines, and job assignments

Interested candidates please email your resume and cover letter to (11/21/2017)