Muslim Catholic Alliance

 Muslim Catholic Alliance


This document was signed May 3, 2003, by Bishop Matthew H. Clark and representatives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, and Muslim representatives of the Greater Rochester Council of Masajid.


Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation


The following is a solemn document of agreement between the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, NY and the Council of Masajid of Rochester, NY.


Affirming our faith in only one God, and recognizing our common history and shared Abrahamic traditions, we pray to the merciful God to inspire in us respect, mutual understanding, and love and to guide us to pursue our common values for the benefit of all in our society and beyond.


Article I


In adherence to the spirit and laws of our respective religious traditions, to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and to the Bill of Rights embodied in our American Constitution, we affirm our commitment to uphold the right of every human being to freedom of speech, thought, religion, and conscience.


Article II


We jointly declare our dedication to challenge continuously all forms of religious, ethnic intolerance, and bigotry through active promotion of mutual understanding and respect for human life and dignity.


a. By responding openly to acts of religious, racial, ethnic or any other kind of intolerance.

b. By investing time, labor and talents to sensitizing our own communities to the evils of such intolerance.

c. By informing and educating each other on matters of public concern.


Article III


We dedicate and commit ourselves to foster the maturing relationship of mutual respect and cooperation between our two communities, by promoting a deeper knowledge of and respect for each other’s history, traditions, and sensitivities.


For us to accomplish this, our communities are seriously encouraged to discover even better ways to foster and promote:


a. A comprehensive dialogue that leads to goodwill and mutual understanding.

b. The development and dissemination of appropriate information involving each other’s religious traditions for both children and adults. Combined learning experiences are especially encouraged.

c. The necessity to deepen awareness and sensitivity to issues of special contemporary concern to either community.


Article IV


In regard to community outreach, whenever possible, we are strongly encouraged to collaborate in developing mutually beneficial services while respecting the integrity and independence of each other’s service organizations.


a. By supporting, whenever feasible, efforts in each other’s community as well as in the general public to provide for the basic needs of all.

b. By being, whenever possible cognizant of comprehending and being sensitive to, the global needs of each tradition.


Article V


A joint committee will be formed by the Diocese and the Council to see to it that this agreement is fully and faithfully implemented.