Providing Musicians for the Future: Organists

 Providing Musicians for the Future: Organists

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Providing Musicians for the Future Organists:
An Investment in Our Future


With an increasing shortage of church organists to provide music leadership
in our churches, “Providing Musicians for the Future” was designed
to encourage the Church to invest in its future musical leadership.


This program is for:


  • Candidates who are not already church organists
  • Candidates who have good piano skills - the ability to play
    • Bach Two-Part Inventions or Mozart Piano Sonatas
    • and the ability to play a hymn or Christmas Carol at sight
  • Candidates with an interest in Church Music
  • Candidates with a desire to serve the faith community


Providing Musicians for the Future” was designed as a partnership between parish, student and diocese although students may also participate in the program apart from this relationship. Within a partnership:


  • Recruits candidates who are currently good pianists.
  • Upon acceptance of the student by the committee, enters into a contract with the student and the Diocese.
  • Pays for lessons, or a percentage of lessons for a 1-3 year period
  • (about $600-700 per year).
  • Upon completion of each year of the program, distributes the diocesan reimbursement check according to the terms of the contract.
  • Compensates the organist for services according to diocesan guidelines once the program is completed




  • Pays for books and materials.
  • Gives back to the parish by – paying a portion of lesson fees (% determined between part and assisting with service playing or some way




  • Assists the parish in recruitment and auditions candidates.
  • Participates in developing the yearly lesson plan for candidates.
  • Participates in the yearly evaluation of the candidate’s progress.
  • At the completion of each year of the program (1year minimum), sends a reimbursement check of $100 to the parish for distribution according to the terms of the contract.




  • States what percentage of payment is paid to the instructor and by whom
  • States the length of agreement and renewal conditions
  • States the receiver of the yearly diocesan reimbursement check ($100)
  • States the financial compensation to the student during and upon completion of the program


This program is administered by the Office of Liturgy and the Professional Concerns Subcommittee of the Diocesan Music Committee.


student application form - word document


For more information please contact:

Stephanie Honz
Providing Musicians Coordinator
St. Louis Church
64 South Main Street
Pittsford NY 14534
585-586-5675 ext. 218