Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning


What planning needs to be done for a Funeral Mass?
When you meet with the parish staff to plan the details of the funeral, they will help you to make and write down your choices for the various part of the liturgy.  


  • Preferred church site for funeral: _________________________________
  • For the Funeral Mass you will choose:  four Hymns, one Old Testament text, one Responsorial Psalm, one New Testament text and one page of Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful).  Please see links below.
  • You will also need to choose three Readers, several presenters of the Offertory Gifts and two Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (Must be Catholic and already trained).
  • (Optional) You may designate one person to offer "Remarks of Remembrance".
  • You may find it helpful to use the Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet and write down the names of those who will participate.  Select from the following categories:

Scripture Readings
Old Testament 
New Testament

Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful)

Responsorial Psalm
Responsorial Psalm Refrain  (You will view the entire Psalm at the planning session)

Hymns (choose an Entrance, Presentation of Gifts, Communion, and Recessional)
Hymn Samples

A Funeral Mass is a liturgical event and therefore all music during the Mass must reflect the dignity of the occasion and the sacredness of the liturgy.  Songs which are not liturgical, but may have personal or sentimental association would be appropriate for the wake or at the cemetery.

Funeral Program Template - optional to use if you desire to create a Program.


After Funeral Reception: 

Please let the parish staff know if you would like a reception after the Mass in order to spend some time with your family and friends.


Support and Healing

In a community of faith, those with whom you worship are also there to help you through times of loss, pain and suffering. God through your faith community, promises to be with you and to support you on your life journey. Please contact_________________to learn about support groups and other healing resources offered by our parish ministers.