Creating a Safe Environment Newsletter | Winter 2016

January 14, 2016
Protecting Our Children from Strangers and Predators Online
Children can easily encounter predators online; and predators know the places children
hang out online and how to develop online relationships with them. In this article, we
cover the patterns typical of online predators, the likely places where children can encounter them, how you can minimize the risks of your child becoming a victim, and how
to respond if you sense that your child is being targeted by an online predator.
Chances are that your child will never be the victim of an online predator. However, that
doesn’t mean that you or your children should be naive. You and your children need to be
smart about the reality today. We live in a networked, social world. Therefore the “places”
where children can encounter strangers online is becoming increasingly complex. Online
services and technologies are often “faceless.” It’s this online “anonymity” that makes technology an attractive vehicle for predators.