Siena Catholic Academy to provide laptops to all new 6th graders

March 16, 2015
Siena Catholic Academy to give each new 6th grader a Chromebook laptop computer
School also launching full-scale professional development of teachers in technology
In an initiative to broaden its educational horizons for both students and teachers, Siena Catholic Academy in Brighton will equip all incoming 6th graders with a new Google Chromebook laptop computer beginning in the 2015-16 school year. The Chromebooks will be provided to the students through their final year in Siena’s 8th grade, and will be theirs to take with them upon graduation.
“The gradual roll out of this program beginning with next year’s 6th grade is designed to allow us to implement a full-scale professional development program for our current teachers that will allow them to prepare lessons that can take full advantage of this technology,” said Martin Kilbridge, principal. “Our role as educators will evolve. While we will continue to be sources of knowledge, it will be our wisdom, values, and guidance that will increasingly be in demand as we help our students navigate an online world that is both exciting and challenging.”