Support the work of the Sisters in Chile and Brazil in May collection

April 17, 2009

The Diocese of Rochester collection to support the Sisters of Mercy in Chile & Sisters of St. Joseph in Brazil has taken place for more than 40 years. Please give generously on May 16 & 17 at weekend Masses.

Our Sisters of Mercy in Chile

Four Sisters of Mercy left Rochester for Chile in 1965 with a blessing in the Cathedral from then-Bishop James Kearney and have been serving there for 44 years. One of the sisters is a nurse and uses her skills in home nursing, acting as conduit between people in need and the local clinic. She also works with women on empowerment issues.

Two other sisters live in a house near Santiago. They offer room and board to young women who live in rural areas are seeking a high school education which is not available to them where they live. They also do pastoral work in the area. Another is in charge of youth ministry for the entire “decanato” — a geographic area overseen by a Bishop or his delegate.) Another sister has developed a program of pastoral and social care for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Her program offers medical care, outreach to family, community support, prayer, and transportation.

Others work in pastoral ministry and serve several Christian Communities located within a larger parish and the sisters provide religious services when no priest is available.

Our Sisters of St. Joseph in Brazil

In 1964, four Sisters of St. Joseph left Rochester for Brazil from the Cathedral with a special blessing from Bishop Kearney and have been serving there for 45 years. Presently some of sisters are spread over huge geographical areas in two states in the interior of Brazil.

Others are in very large cities and small rural towns. Some of the sisters are involved in pastoral work and the formation of small Christian communities and training of lay leaders. Others work in prison ministry on the municipal and state levels.

They are also involved in health care, education in public schools, and advocacy, serving on Municipal Councils for Health and for the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

The Sisters of St. Joseph also provide religious services when no priest is available, and work for the indigenous people, poor mothers and their children and with the Pastoral Land Commission, helping poor farmers and the landless stay on the land and support their families.