Take part in our May 12 Catholic Call-in

May 3, 2009

Catholic Call-in May 12, 2009

Get answers to your questions about the Catholic faith

Have you always wondered why we Catholics genuflect? Why do non-Catholics who were married before need an annulment before they can marry in the Catholic Church? Can I receive Holy Communion if I’m divorced?

Catholics throughout the 12-county Diocese of Rochester can get answers to these and any other questions about the Church and their faith during a special toll-free “Catholic Call In.”

CALL 1-866-595-8575 between 2 and 7 p.m.

The call-in is just one part of a diocesan-wide, three-year Spiritual Renewal called Spirit Alive! It was initiated by Bishop Matthew Clark in Lent 2008. Spirit Alive! consists of three movements: deepening one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ, deepening one’s knowledge and understanding of the Word and deepening one’s commitment to discipleship and stewardship.

“It is a very special and important time to deepen our relationship with Jesus,
our Lord and Savior, and to more fully learn and practice what true discipleship means,”
the Bishop has said. “This is, after all, what is truly crucial to our lives as Catholic

For more information and for resources for individuals and groups, visit www.rochesterspiritalive.org.