Take part in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of “Nostra Aetate”

August 14, 2015
Be a part of our 50th anniversary celebration of interfaith dialogue
in the diocese of rochester!
Nostra Aetate
, also known as the “declaration on the relation of the
church to non-christian religions,” is a key Vatican ii document from
october 28, 1965, proclaiming the importance of interfaith dialogue.
in the document all catholics are called to pursue dialogue and
understanding with other religions.
the diocese of rochester, especially, has much to celebrate in its
historic outreach and dialogue with other faith communities over the
years.Join us for:

1. Panel Discussion evening at st. BernarD’s –
Wednesday, october 7, 7:00 pm
a catholic scholar, muslim imam, and Jewish rabbi share thoughts
on the progress and future impact of interfaith relations.
2. tours of interfaith sites –
sunday, october 18, 2:00-5:00 pm
a wonderful opportunity for catholics of all ages and parishes to
learn about religious artifacts and symbolism in an islamic mosque,
a Jewish temple and a hindu temple.
look for more detailed information in your bulletins and on the
dor.org website under ecumenical and interreligious affairs
(under Parish & clergy services).