Urgent Action Alert on Conscience Rights

December 3, 2015

Protect the Conscience Rights of Health Care Providers

By December 11, 2015, Congress must agree on a year-end spending bill for the federal government.

We need your help to ensure that protections for pro-life health care workers are included in that bill.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops  has long endorsed this bill and is calling on all U.S. Catholics to encourage its passage now. Americans’ right to object to involvement in abortion has long enjoyed broad support, and President Obama has said several times that he supports federal laws protecting this right. But the conscience laws on the books today need to be clarified and strengthened.

The “Abortion Non-Discrimination Act,” or ANDA, will accomplish this goal. It needs to be included in the year-end spending bill.

Go to http://nchla.org/ to send an e-mail message to your federal legislators and for more ideas to spread the word on this critical issue.

More Resources:

Stand with Cathy for Conscience Rights video  http://bcove.me/vdb9twsf

Article explaining the need for this law from USCCB staffer Richard Doerflinger,  including links to the video and the Action Alert http://goo.gl/bebTwk