Bishop’s Office

The Most Reverend Salvatore R. Matano
Ninth Bishop of Rochester

Letters to Bishop Matano may be sent to:

The Most Reverend Salvatore R. Matano
Bishop of Rochester
1150 Buffalo Road,
Rochester, New York 14624

Reverend Daniel E. White
Priest Secretary to Bishop Matano

Very Reverend Paul J. Tomasso
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Kathleen M. McMahon
Executive Asst. to Bishop Matano and Father Tomasso
Telephone: 585-328-3210 | Fax: 585-529-9520.

Fr. Frank Lioi
Head of Priest Council

The Most Reverend Matthew H. Clark
Bishop Emeritus

Sister Mary Ann Binsack, RSM
Administrator to Bishop Emeritus Clark

Reverend Peter B. Mottola
Canonical Services to the Chancery

Janice Boyea
Legal Assistant to Father Condon

Directors of Diocesan Departments

Jack Balinsky
Director, Diocese of Rochester Catholic Charities

Reverend Daniel J. Condon
Chancellor and Director of Legal Services

James Tauzel
Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Bernard Grizard
Director, Department of Pastoral Services

Douglas Mandelaro
Director, Office of Stewardship & Communications

Leslie Barkin
Director, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

Lisa M. Passero
Chief Financial Officer

Tammy Sylvester
Director, Human Resources

Thomas M. Veeder
Chief Technology Officer

Reverend Robert C. Bradler
Propagation of the Faith

Dr. Stephen J. Loughlin
Saint Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry

Members of the Stewardship/ Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) and areas of expertise

In accordance with Canon 492, the diocesan finance council consists of at least three members of the Christian faithful truly expert in financial affairs and civil law, outstanding in integrity, and appointed by the bishop to serve for five years. At the end of this period, they can be appointed for other five-year term. The council meets four times throughout the year to discuss Diocesan planning, budgets (May meeting) finances/ financial statements for all entities under the sponsorship of the Ordinary (October meeting), programs, projects, etc.

Stewardship Council Meeting Agendas

Term Start Date Term 1 End Date Term 2 End Date
Patrick C. Burke, Chair, Managing Principal of Burke Group (Human Resources)   July 1, 2017  June 30, 2022
Richard J. Crossed, Retired CEO of Confier Reality LLC (Business entrepreneur)  July 1, 2014  June 30, 2019  June 30, 2024
Robert E. Finnerty, AVP Communications/Chief Communications Officer at Rochester Institute of Technology (Communications)   October 30, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Timothy M. Fitzgerald, JD, Member Harris Beach PLLC (Law)   July 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Bernard J. Iacovangelo, JD, CEO Faber Builders, Inc. (Law, Business Entrepreneur)   July 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Edward W. Kay Jr., CPA, Retired Managing Partner PwC Rochester (Finance/Audit)  July 1, 2014  June 30, 2019  June 30, 2024
Jack Kreckel, Senior Associate Vice President of University Advancement at the University of Rochester (Stewardship & Development) December 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Susan C. Miller, Corporate Director Risk Financing and Insurance at The Cooper Companies  July 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Fran Pullano, MBA, CFCI, Principal Pullano & Company (Human Resources)  July 1, 2017  June 30, 2022 June 30, 2027
Miriam Rosa, Supply Chain Manager at Foodlink (Finance)  July 1, 2019  June 30, 2024 June 20, 2029
Michael Sauter, Director of Campus Ministry, SUNY Geneseo (Ministry)   July 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Leon T. Sawyko, JD, Retired Counsel, Harris Beach PLLC (Law)  July 1, 2016  June 30, 2021  June 30, 2026
Reverend Daniel E. White, M.Div. (Ministry/Administration)  July 1, 2018  June 30, 2023 June 30, 2028


  • The Most Reverend Salvatore R. Matano
  • Very Reverend Paul J. Tomasso
  • Lisa M. Passero
  • Sister Kathleen Wayne, RSM
  • Reverend Daniel J. Condon
  • Fr. Frank Lioi
  • Sister Eileen Daly, SSJ
  • Anthony Adams
  • Dr. Stephen Loughlin
  • James Hopper

Acts of Extraordinary Administration, Canon 1277, decrees that canonical validity requires the diocesan bishop to obtain the consent of the diocesan finance council and the college of consultors, when initiating a program of financing by the issuance of financial instruments, resolving claims by financial settlement, engaging operations that are not substantially related to the Church to generate income, or entering into financial/contractual agreements in which actual or potential conflict of interest with diocesan leaders.

  1. The maximum limit for alienation and any transaction which, according to the norm of law, can worsen the patrimonial condition is $3,500,000.
  2. The minimum limit for alienation and any transaction which, according to the norm of law, can worsen the patrimonial condition is $250,000.
  3. For the alienation of property of other public juridic persons subject to the Diocesan Bishop, the maximum limit is $3,500,000 and the minimum limit is $25,000 or 10% of the prior year’s ordinary annual income ($4,200,000 for the diocese of Rochester YE 6.30.19), whichever is higher.